Here a couple of pictures from a photo shoot I had with a wonderful and very talented young man, Dre! We had lots of fun and I was even fortunate enough to have Dre play and sing a couple of songs during the shoot 🙂 The rest of the pictures can be seen here.  Hope you enjoy them 🙂


Chris and Dayana

Here are a few pictures from a photo shoot I had with Chris and Dayana this past weekend.  It was the most beautiful and perfect day to have their picnic.  I hope that the love and happiness that I was able to witness between them comes through in the photographs, enjoy 🙂

The rest can be seen here.  And some fun pictures and bloopers here :))


Here are a few pictures from a photo shoot I had with Lani.  It was one of those impromptu shoots that we put together in a matter of a couple of days,  she being able to come down on this particular day and me being available to shoot that day.  It was all going very well and she was so excited for the “water theme” experience that we forgot one very important thing along the way, to check the weather!!   Sure enough, it turned out to be one of the worst days we’ve had here in South Florida in a long time.  After many calls of “what do you think?”,  “should we cancel?”, we decided to go for it and do it!  What the heck, we’re going to be wet anyway, right?  🙂  Well, I’m so glad we did, as it turns out we had a blast!  We managed to get a lot done in between the heavy rain and thunder and the “oh no! I got to get the gear out of the rain, break time!!!!” moments 🙂  Lani, you were such a trooper!  Did everything I asked of you and then some 🙂  Thanks for a day full of laughs, it was great!  Next, underwater!!!!

More pictures to come soon, enjoy.

Photo Shoot with Bianca and Dayana

Here are a couple of pictures from a photo shoot with Bianca and Dayana last week.  We had a blast doing trash the dress portraits both above and below water.  I had great help from my son Alex and his best friend David  (when they weren’t doing cannonballs or splashing the girls or eating their way through all the food we had)  Here is a link to see more of the pictures, and for a good laugh click here for the “behind the scenes” pictures.