TWO: The Story of Roman and Nyro film premiere

About two years ago I was fortunate enough to photograph Desmond Child and Curtis Shaw along with their boys, Roman and Nyro while they were visiting Miami. We had a lot of fun and accomplished much in the time we were there, including underwater portraits of the boys. Tuesday night, along with Alex and Ralph, we attended the premiere of the documentary film “TWO: The Story of Roman and Nyro” in which I’m honored to have one of those pictures be a part of. What a beautiful story of love as told through the eyes of this amazing family! Thank you Curtis for having my picture be part of your inspiring film, I am forever grateful.

Here are a couple of pictures from last night 🙂

JCA Photography-2 JCA Photography-3 JCA Photography-4 JCA Photography-5 JCA Photography-6 JCA Photography-7 JCA Photography-8


Girl in White

Here are a couple of pictures I did with Rachel while we were in Michigan this past December.  Let me tell you a little bit about our shoot in the woods.  It might not look like in the pictures, but it was a very cold (in the 30’s), rainy and kinda windy day!  I picked places were we would be sheltered from the wind and rain somewhat but the cold I couldn’t do much about. While my assistant (my sis) and I were wearing layers of clothing, boots, scarfs, gloves, jackets and constantly moving (which kept us warm), Rachel was only wearing the makeshift dresses we wrapped her in and stationary!!  What a trooper!! Between takes she would drink hot chocolate and lay a jacket over her but I’m not sure how much help that did. Yet, not a single complaint from her!  She not only weathered the elements for the duration of the shoot but made it look easy.  Like I said, what a trooper 🙂  I think overall we had a great time shooting, with lots of laughter and some “blond moments” that we lovingly make fun of each other for. I seem to be getting the reputation (by some of my friends) of coming up with photo projects that have to do with bad or extreme weather conditions….  All I have to say is…  Watch out for what’s coming this year!!!

Happy New Year!!!

JCA Photography-Girl in White

JCA Photography-Girl in White 1

JCA Photography-Girl in White 2

JCA Photography-Girl in White 3

JCA Photography-Girl in White 4

JCA Photography-Girl in White 5

Enjoy!!  🙂


I had the best time photographing this wonderful, funny and very talented young man the other day, Coby! I think I was able to capture his delightful, energetic young spirit. He sure made my day 🙂 Here are some of the portraits from the shoot, the rest can be seen here.
Hope you enjoy them 🙂


Here a couple of pictures from a photo shoot I had with a wonderful and very talented young man, Dre! We had lots of fun and I was even fortunate enough to have Dre play and sing a couple of songs during the shoot 🙂 The rest of the pictures can be seen here.  Hope you enjoy them 🙂

Chris and Dayana

Here are a few pictures from a photo shoot I had with Chris and Dayana this past weekend.  It was the most beautiful and perfect day to have their picnic.  I hope that the love and happiness that I was able to witness between them comes through in the photographs, enjoy 🙂

The rest can be seen here.  And some fun pictures and bloopers here :))