Girl in White

Here are a couple of pictures I did with Rachel while we were in Michigan this past December.  Let me tell you a little bit about our shoot in the woods.  It might not look like in the pictures, but it was a very cold (in the 30’s), rainy and kinda windy day!  I picked places were we would be sheltered from the wind and rain somewhat but the cold I couldn’t do much about. While my assistant (my sis) and I were wearing layers of clothing, boots, scarfs, gloves, jackets and constantly moving (which kept us warm), Rachel was only wearing the makeshift dresses we wrapped her in and stationary!!  What a trooper!! Between takes she would drink hot chocolate and lay a jacket over her but I’m not sure how much help that did. Yet, not a single complaint from her!  She not only weathered the elements for the duration of the shoot but made it look easy.  Like I said, what a trooper 🙂  I think overall we had a great time shooting, with lots of laughter and some “blond moments” that we lovingly make fun of each other for. I seem to be getting the reputation (by some of my friends) of coming up with photo projects that have to do with bad or extreme weather conditions….  All I have to say is…  Watch out for what’s coming this year!!!

Happy New Year!!!

JCA Photography-Girl in White

JCA Photography-Girl in White 1

JCA Photography-Girl in White 2

JCA Photography-Girl in White 3

JCA Photography-Girl in White 4

JCA Photography-Girl in White 5

Enjoy!!  🙂


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